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Spiritual practices / exercises

Here you find different forms of spiritual exercises among others how to find your gifts of grace, receiving the Holy Spirit of God.

  • How to pray for others for the healing of the heart
    Healing of the heart is a central practice in Christfulness – may be even the basic for any other practice. Often our heart is divided and not at rest, because we are haunted by judgements – judgement from others, or self condemnation. We are not in contact with our inner… Continue reading
  • The Lord’s Prayer as intercession
    Jesus has taught us to come to God as children that approach their parents in confidence and trust. Jesus gave us The Lord’s Prayer to pray, and to use as a model for praying. We will have a kind of meditative version of praying this prayer, and we will do… Continue reading
  • The Jesus prayer as prayer for others
    The Jesus-Prayer is first of all meant to be a time for you to enjoy being together with Jesus Christ. Praying the Jesus-Prayer you’ll have his presence in your heart, and you carry him to every place you go and into every relationship. In this way it’ll be a blessing… Continue reading
  • Labyrinth walk (English / Cantonese)
    Christfulness is about living out of the realty, that we are created in God’s image, which is Christ. We meet Christ in the Gospels, in the sacraments, and in the heart. We ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Christ to us in the heart. This is a sometimes painful walk,… Continue reading
  • Instruction in receiving the Holy Spirit (English / Chinese)
    Instruction in receiving the Holy Spirit. If you want to receive the Holy Spirit, and to experience the working of the Spirit, the direct way is to get to know God through being taught Christian faith and praying for the infilling of the Spirit. If you are not already baptized,… Continue reading
  • Instruction in finding your gifts of grace(english / chinese)
    Find a good position which help you to breathe freely and to be focused. Pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit: Come, Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ! Open my heart, my thoughts, and my feelings to you. Cleanse me from everything that blocks the working of… Continue reading


Inspirations is another word for gifts of revelation. St. Paul mentions: Prophesy, Words of wisdom and knowledge, Interpretation of tongues. Ole Skjerbæk Madsen writes, ”When I meditate on Bible verses or Biblical wisdom I often receive words from the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and God, our Father. This a gift… Continue reading

Prayer – a course in three sessions

Rev. Ole Skjerbæk Madsen This is a free of charge Course on Prayer Prayer is one of the main disciplines of Christian spirituality or faith practice. It was one of the four practices that the first Christians in Jerusalem held on to. In Acts chapter 2 we read, “They devoted… Continue reading