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What is Christfulness


We recommend

What is Christfulness


We recommend

Compassion and hospitality

27. October 2022

The Christ-in-you aspect of Christfulness is an ackowledgement of God’s image in my neighbor. This motivates us for diakonia, to reach out for the other with compassion and hospitality. This is short sermon and a guided meditation on this theme. We use the term Christfulness for describing the purpose and aim for God creating humans in the image and likeness of God.

Christfulness liturgies

30. September 2022

An important aspect of Christfulness is seeing the fullness of Christ as the restoration of creation, bringing humankind and nature to their fulfilment. We were created through God’s Word (Logos) who laid down his own nature into creation as the law of life, i.e. his serving love. Thus, as this… Continue reading

Praying with others for the cleansing of the heart

30. September 2022

When we pray with people for the cleansing of the heart, we follow the pattern of the Christfulness meditation. You’ll find a guided version of this meditation on You Tube: First, introduce yourself and if appropriate ask for the person’s name. If he or she wishes a Christfulness cleansing of… Continue reading

Introduction to Christfulness Prayer Video 1-6

24. September 2022

Christ is full of grace to us in many ways: Christ with me, Christ in me, Christ in you, Together in Christ & Seeing all things in Christ. They are intertwined and complementary to each other. Please try to practise your prayer at roughly the same time each day, as… Continue reading


Here you find books related to our mission.

Spiritual practices / exercises

Here you find different forms of spiritual exercises among others how to find your gifts of grace, receiving the Holy Spirit of God.

Meditations and prayers

Under meditations and prayers you’ll find different forms of guided meditations as well as short prayers, often in the form of affirmations; these short prayers may be used as a form of meditation.


Papers and articles that will be published here are written by ourselves or will be some papers, we’ve come across, which may shed light on the practice of Christfulness, its relation to Church and Society and to comparable spiritual practices.