The Biblical Basis of Christfulness
Compassion, transformation, and unity
Compassion, transformation, and unity

Introduction to Christfulness emphasizing Compassion, Transformation, and Unity


A Christfulness communion service

Saint Patrick Song
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What is Christfulness


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What is Christfulness


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A memory of Paradise

17. February 2024

These thoughts are heavily borrowed from C. S. Lewis, but I believe they are very true and worthy of repeating, so I hope you’ll forgive me for making them my own. Whether people believe in Paradise as a reality or not I think most people has moments in their lifes… Continue reading

The Biblical basis of Christfulness

19. October 2023

The English term Christfulness consists of two words, Christ and Fullness. Fullness is a quality or state of being full (Webster), and can be understood as saturation and completeness, abundance and richness, wholeness. CFN thus can be described as being filled or saturated by Christ, surrounded by and drenched in… Continue reading

Three sessions on Christfulness in Danish on youtube

25. May 2023

Undervisning om Christfulness nu på youtube I april  2023 holdt Ole Skjerbæk Madsen 3 aftner om Christfulness. Undervisningen blev optaget og kan ses her på Bethlehemskirkens youtube-kanal:… Først session handler om den bibelske baggrund for Christfulness, og om Christfulness som skabelsens og frelsens mål og som menneskesyn:  Anden… Continue reading

Compassion, transformation, and unity

25. January 2023

“We were created and saved to have the same mind as that of Christ Jesus (Philippians 2:5), i.e. we were created for compassion and serving love and are set free by Christ’s serving love to once more be stewards of God’s creation with Christ and “to bring good news to the poor, … to bring release to the captives,” … to bring healing to the diseased, and “to let the oppressed go free” (Luke 4:18), as Christ baptizes us with God’s Spirit.”
“Our personal transformation starts with the assurance of being a child of God because Christ is with me, and the process towards maturity goes on as Christ through the Holy Spirit cleanses our heart and he lives in me so that I may be Christ-formed and have the same mind as Christ, being motivated by a will to serve others in love.”
These quotes are from a talk given to Hong Kong pastors.

You will find the full talk here


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Here you find different forms of spiritual exercises among others how to find your gifts of grace, receiving the Holy Spirit of God.