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Here you find books related to our mission.

Christfulness in Chinese

Tao Fong Shan Christian Center has just published a collection of spiritual exercises from the Courses and Retreats under the heading ‘CHRISTFULNESS’.

A great book on Christfulness

Christfulness® is an expression of faith, but Christfulness is also an interpretation of life with roots in the Bible and Christian theology. In this combination of practice and teaching, Christfulness is also experience.

Introduction to Christfulness Prayer Video 1-6

Christ is full of grace to us in many ways: Christ with me, Christ in me, Christ in you, Together in Christ & Seeing all things in Christ. They are intertwined and complementary to each other. Please try to practise your prayer at roughly the same time each day, as… Continue reading

Prayer – a course in three sessions

Rev. Ole Skjerbæk Madsen This is a free of charge Course on Prayer Prayer is one of the main disciplines of Christian spirituality or faith practice. It was one of the four practices that the first Christians in Jerusalem held on to. In Acts chapter 2 we read, “They devoted… Continue reading