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Different videos related to Christfulness.

  • Three sessions on Christfulness in Danish on youtube
    Undervisning om Christfulness nu på youtube I april  2023 holdt Ole Skjerbæk Madsen 3 aftner om Christfulness. Undervisningen blev optaget og kan ses her på Bethlehemskirkens youtube-kanal:  https://www.youtube.com/@beth… Først session handler om den bibelske baggrund for Christfulness, og om Christfulness som skabelsens og frelsens mål og som menneskesyn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7TRZMCohns  Anden… Continue reading
  • Videos on Christfulness
    Here we post different videos that we hope can be helpful on your journey through life with Jesus Christ. Some small introduction videos on Christfulness Christ in me / Jesus prayer Christ with me Cleansing of the heart Some longer and deeper meditations Cleansing of heart The Jesus prayer Healing… Continue reading
  • Meditation music – Trio con Spirito
    Music by Trio con Spirito and Torsten Borbye Nielsen. Sigrid Kongshøj-Munch på bratsch, Pia Kaufmanas på fløjte og Torsten Borbye Nielsen på guitar. Our Father: Music by Torsten Borbye Nielsen. Performed by Trio con Spirito Comfort – music by Torsten Borbye Nielsen. Performed by Trio con Spirito Bridget Cruise, based… Continue reading
  • St. Patrick’s Prayer – new song
    Music for St. Patrick’s ancient words by Rolf Kobbeltvedt Mortensen I don’t know what it is about Celtic music and me, if it’s some distant ancestry(wink) or something about the approximate longitude between the northern part of the British Isles and Denmark, but I’ve always liked it since my first… Continue reading

Christfulness liturgies

An important aspect of Christfulness is seeing the fullness of Christ as the restoration of creation, bringing humankind and nature to their fulfilment. We were created through God’s Word (Logos) who laid down his own nature into creation as the law of life, i.e. his serving love. Thus, as this… Continue reading


Papers and articles that will be published here are written by ourselves or will be some papers, we’ve come across, which may shed light on the practice of Christfulness, its relation to Church and Society and to comparable spiritual practices.