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A memory of Paradise

These thoughts are heavily borrowed from C. S. Lewis, but I believe they are very true and worthy of repeating, so I hope you’ll forgive me for making them my own.

Whether people believe in Paradise as a reality or not I think most people has moments in their lifes which could be described as paradise experiences. That could be moments from our childhoods, a wonderful holiday, walks in nature, an oasis in the city and so on.

As a christian I believe these moments which occasionally find us are God’s way of calling us to Him – and that creation is basically good because it is created by Him; that the Kingdom of God, Paradise, in a sense is already at hand in Jesus Christ. I also believe they are a glimpse of what we have in store in the afterlife, so they create both faith and hope.
These moments we can’t create or recreate nor should we try to. The place where you once found them will likely not yield the same pure experience again. Their purpose is for us to seek God not the experience; in other words they point to the Creator not the creation. God wants to not only give us His creation, but Himself. For in Him we have not only the things that pass, but all the things that will last.

My intention with this instrumental was not to create a Paradise experience, only God can do that, rather I’m hoping it will resonate some echoes of these Paradise moments and bring comfort to body, soul and mind – a quiet place to reflect on the times God has reminded us of His presence in the world and our lifes and His continued presence with us now and all the days to come.

By Rolf Kobbeltvedt Mortensen

Link opens in SoundCloud: https://on.soundcloud.com/bytPQ