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Papers and articles that will be published here are written by ourselves or will be some papers, we’ve come across, which may shed light on the practice of Christfulness, its relation to Church and Society and to comparable spiritual practices.

  • The Biblical basis of Christfulness
    The English term Christfulness consists of two words, Christ and Fullness. Fullness is a quality or state of being full (Webster), and can be understood as saturation and completeness, abundance and richness, wholeness. CFN thus can be described as being filled or saturated by Christ, surrounded by and drenched in… Continue reading
  • Compassion, transformation, and unity
    “We were created and saved to have the same mind as that of Christ Jesus (Philippians 2:5), i.e. we were created for compassion and serving love and are set free by Christ’s serving love to once more be stewards of God’s creation with Christ and “to bring good news to the poor, … to bring release to the captives,” … to bring healing to the diseased, and “to let the oppressed go free” (Luke 4:18), as Christ baptizes us with God’s Spirit.” “Our personal transformation starts with the assurance of being a child of God because Christ is with me, and the process towards maturity goes on as Christ through the Holy Spirit cleanses our heart and he lives in me so that I may be Christ-formed and have the same mind as Christ, being motivated by a will to serve others in love.” These quotes are from a talk given to Hong Kong pastors. You will find the full talk here
  • Diakonia
    Diakonia is essential to Christfulness; it’s the marking practice of the Christ-in-you-aspect  of Christfulness, because we meet others looking for God’s image in them, looking for Christ in them. Diakonia is the common mark of being a follower or disciple of Christ. “Not so with you. Instead, whoever wants to… Continue reading
  • Orthodox prayer and buddhist mindfulness
    By Fr. Brendan Pelphrey Thank you for the invitation to take part in this weeks’ conference. My task isto compare the Orthodox tradition of silent prayer, or “watchfulness” (nipsis),as described by the Hesychasts, with the Buddhist practice of “mindfulness”(sati) in its various traditions, as we explore how these things may… Continue reading
  • St. Patrick’s Prayer – new song
    Music for St. Patrick’s ancient words by Rolf Kobbeltvedt Mortensen I don’t know what it is about Celtic music and me, if it’s some distant ancestry(wink) or something about the approximate longitude between the northern part of the British Isles and Denmark, but I’ve always liked it since my first… Continue reading

Thoughts and sermons

Articles on meditation, prayer, spiritual life and more will be posted here.


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