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Instruction in finding your gifts of grace(english / chinese)

Find a good position which help you to breathe freely and to be focused.

Pray for the coming of the Holy Spirit:

Come, Holy Spirit, in the name of Jesus Christ! Open my heart, my thoughts, and my feelings to you. Cleanse me from everything that blocks the working of God’s grace in me, and give me a pure and whole heart. Grant me a share in your wisdom, and help to know myself as God knows me, and to know God’s love as God has loved me in my master, Jesus.

Rest in your breathing, without forcing it. You are breathing in the breath of God. You live and breathe and have our being in God. When you rest in God’s presence you pray:

God, help me to look back on this day or on the last week, and show me where I made a difference to other people.

Imagine the people you’ve met or spent some time with. What were their needs? Where did you have an insight in their situation or an ability to meet their needs… Now pray like this:

God, I feel that the words I said to NN, gave her a new confidence. Or: I think that you gave me an insight in NN’s situation, And that sharing this with him he was filled with hope. Or: I feel that I used my abilities in such a way as to make a difference in the life of NN. Was my experience a hint from you concerning my gifts of grace, and of how I may serve or minister to other people? I ask you, Lord, to confirm it to me! May your Holy Spirit always stay with me and guide me in meeting other people. Thank you, in the name of Jesus Christ!

Remain silent. Maybe God will share an image, a word, a thought or an assurance or a peace with you that will confirm your ministry and your gifts of grace. Or you may just have an inner peace and find a new awareness in meeting people on your way – and suddenly you’ll once more find yourself in a situation, in which your presence makes a difference.

If you want to find your gifts of grace, it’s helpful to become part of a fellowship of people who themselves want to live in serving love in the imitation of Christ. In many Christian congregations you’ll find a help to grow in serving others and in knowing your spiritual gifts. Many people need an introduction to Christian faith before they find and receive their spiritual gifts. And many people find that it is easier to practice their gifts of grace and to grow in a healthy use of the gifts when they are in a smaller group, because the members of the group help each other. Look for a congregation that offers small group fellowships (cell groups), or offers Alpha-courses.

找到自己恩賜的指引 – instruction in finding your gifts of grace – in Chinese










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