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Praying with others for the cleansing of the heart

When we pray with people for the cleansing of the heart, we follow the pattern of the Christfulness meditation. You’ll find a guided version of this meditation on You Tube:

First, introduce yourself and if appropriate ask for the person’s name. If he or she wishes a Christfulness cleansing of the heart prayer, explain briefly, what Christfulness is:

Christfulness involves being filled by Christ, and by God’s love in Christ. This is the secret, which makes humans whole: Christ in us, the hope of glory!
This means, that when we feel ourselves surrounded by God’s love in Jesus Christ, and soaked in this love, we experience being completely us, as God’s beloved children, and God’s light shines clearly in us and from us out into the world.

Explain that this light, God’s holiness or image in us, can be dimmed by worry, pain, suffering and false conceptions, which must be washed away, so the fullness of Christ can grow in us.

When we speak of the hope of glory, it means that glory (God’s presence, love and restorative light in Christ) is not something distant, but a goal, which affects our present time.

Ask the Holy Spirit to reveal Jesus to the person and to show Jesus’ open heart to him or her.
Pray for comfort and trust in God’s love in Jesus Christ.
Ask the Holy Spirit to help the guest to let go of anything, which masks God’s love or glory in the person.

Pray that the guest will receive peace, joy and love from the open heart of Jesus Christ.

With every breathing out your heart and your mind is cleansed more and more. And with every breathing in, Christ lives more and more in your heart and your mind….

When you have prayed for some time – not only with words but also silently in your heart, eventually using the gift of speaking in tongues, and when you feel the person has achieved this cleansing, you thank God can say:

With the finishing exhalations, send the peace and joy of Jesus Christ out to the world around you…

You say a blessing over the guest (you may ask if it is okay).

Short prayers / affirmations

Freed from illusions By focusing on the light of Christ and the creative word of God I rediscover my true self, created in God’s image and break out of my captivity in my false conceptions, created in the image of my desires.

A Christfulness Meditation

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