Six Thurdays evenings on Christfulness, starting April 12th 2018 – poster in English

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Christfulness Spirituality Programme: 

About Christfulness

“Christfulness” is spirituality, practicing a faith relationship with Christ, which the term is generated from “Christ” and “Fullness”.

Christfulness points to the fullness of Christ and God’s love in Christ. When we experience the revelation of this mystery and encounter God’s love in Christ with, around and in us as a penetrating and saturating experience, we are made whole. A process of becoming whole begins. This helps us see other humans and our fellow creatures in a new way, as we relate to the image of God within them, and it opens a vision of a redeemed humanity and Earth, which is the body of Christ.

Objective: Explore Christian spirituality and the fullness of Christ as the aim and experience of practicing our faith.

Program Details

Session 1:

  • The concept of spirituality
  • Explore the role of the Holy Spirit as the source and originator in Christian spirituality
  • Review of different spiritual practices as presented by the founding fathers of the protestant churches: scripture and prayer, catechism, worship (hymns)
  • Discuss the criteria for a sound (healthy) and true spirituality

Session 2-5:  (A special focus will be designed for each session)

  • Get to know the worldview and understanding of human nature and spiritual life as growth “until we all reach unity in the faith and in knowledge of the Son of God and become mature, attaining the whole measure of the fullness of Christ” (Ephesians 4:13).
  • A comprehensive understanding from  “Christfulness” perspective for the Christian worldview as well as for Christian faith practice or spirituality
  • Exercises Practice:

–          Christ with me: The experience of God’s love in Christ as a protecting and accompanying presence

–          Christ in me: The experience of being created in the image of God and of how this is restored in Jesus Christ

–          Christ in you: The experience of seeing Christ or the image of God in others

–          Together in Christ: The experience of being in Christ as a disciple relationship with Him in the Body of Christ, envisioning the consummation of creation in Christ.

Session 6:

  • Explore the role of baptism, confession and communion (Eucharist) for the spiritual life and formation of Christians
  • Get to know the ecumenical perspective on protestant practices
  • Understand the need of being rooted in the spiritual traditions, originating in the undivided Church


Rev. Ole Skjerbæk Madsen (A Danish, Founder of “Christfulness”)

Date:12 Apr – 17 May, (6 sessions, every Thursday)


Venue:Hong Kong Sheng Kung Hui All Saints’ Church (No.11 Pak Po Street, Mongkok)

Session mode:Lecture, Exercises Practice, Group Discussion, Plenary Dialogue


Remarks:Programme will be delivered in English, with on-site Chinese translation

Enquiry:2386 3220 /



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Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre

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