Inspirations is another word for gifts of revelation. St. Paul mentions: Prophesy, Words of wisdom and knowledge, Interpretation of tongues. Ole Skjerbæk Madsen writes, ”When I meditate on Bible verses or Biblical wisdom I often receive words from the Holy Spirit, Jesus Christ and God, our Father. This a gift of revelation like prophesy, but I use the word inspiration to indicate that what is transmitted is not a channeled message, but words given to me, and transmitted by me as I have understood them. Therefore they are inspirations that need to be discerned by you”.

Below you’ll find examples of inspirations

  1. This is my body
  2. An Inspiration on Christfulness
  3. The Mystery of the Name

 This is my body

The Master Jesus Christ says: When I broke bread and shared it with my disciples, I said, “This is my body!” This act of sharing the bread reveals the secret of the completion of creation and the redemption of humanity.

You are called to be my body – each of you a working part of my body, and each of you vital for the welfare and the purpose of the whole body. You are in me. Together, you are my body – a living, energetic, and Spirit-filled organism. Through you I still have body in the world.

Your fellowship reveals the magic, which maintains the world: that you share with one another, are there for one another, serve one another. This unity-creating magic, which connects heaven and earth, is serving love.

“My body, which is given for you!” From the very beginning of creation, every created being is there for the others and for the whole. In that way it mirrors my being, for I Am the Word, in whom God communicates to you. This serving love was entrusted to humanity in a unique way, for you were created in my image to resemble me. I entrusted the rest of creation to you, so it could find its place in the whole. You were as a mirror, which reflected love in attentive care and in the service of creation.

“My body, which is given for you!” These words have taken on a resonance, which encompass pain, for these were the words I spoke with the words, that the bread is my body, on the night I was betrayed. And again in the words about the wine in the cup of thanks, “This is my blood, shed for you!”

When your lives began to cease reflecting me in the world, the world began to fall apart. The magic of unity was replaced by the magic of power, of fear, of lust and self-complacency. This is why I appeared, vulnerable, with the magic of love and service in a world drenched in dark magic. I gave myself. Despite your violence I gave myself willingly and thus manifested my devotion and serving love as the stronger magic – a magic, which brings life to the dead!

I invite you in to fellowship with me and let you share in my love. Through this, the mirror of your inner self is cleaned, so my presence, as new, can shine out through you in the world. I call you, as new, to serving love, in which the world is new and whole. I create again devoted and serving love in you. When you share your lives with one another, a redeemed humanity is made and grows, which is my body, and which is a small foretaste of the coming completion.

I Am with you, I live in your hearts, so you can recognize me in each other, and together become one body.

“This is my body!” 

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An Inspiration on Christfulness

Before all Being is I AM THAT I AM – full, whole, absolute being, perfect rest, and yet incessantly moving beyond myself, creating. I AM the one who loves and gives life.

In the beginning was the void – a not-yet unfolded / dormant fullness of nothing, yet potently the whole universe.

The void or emptiness was not severed from me; it was the space in which creation could happen, so that the fullness of life would find its expression and form as the Word spoke what was hidden in my Heart.

Your heart also has such a void or emptiness, which is not severed from me, but may be filled with the thoughts and images of my heart, and most of all with my image as expressed in the Word who became a man.

You were created in my image. Therefore you will find Christ, my Word, when you look into your heart. Here is bond?, unity, presence, and self-giving, non-judgmental love. Here you will find your Self, being loved and united with God and all God’s creatures. Out of the unity of your heart and mine you will find yourself as an I in relationship with a You. Out of the unity of your heart and mine you will find the joy of relationship with Me, my Word and my Spirit.

Out of the unity of your heart with all of my creatures you will find the enjoyment of life in all its plenitude, and you will find the strength to bear suffering and to reach out to those who suffer. Out of your unity with me and with your fellow creatures you will become a healer and a co-creator of the happiness of your neighbor.

To this end I will have to break the power of your Ego and the power of your false self-images, of your judging attitude toward others, and of your desirous relations toward the surrounding world. Be without fear as you meet the void and emptiness, when all of your self-perceptions, your imaginations, your judgments and your illusions are dissolved. The void is that space in your heart, where my image will be mirrored. The emptiness of your heart is the beginning of hope, because it is now possible to recognize Christ and my presence in Him, the Word who became Man. In Christ I become and I Am all in all.

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The mystery of the name

Revelation 3:12: The one who conquers, I will make him a pillar in the temple of my God. Never shall he go out of it, and I will write on him the name of my God, and the name of the city of my God, the new Jerusalem, which comes down from my God out of heaven, and my own new name.”

From the beginning of creation I have wished to share life with you. I created you for fellowship and communion with me. We were not strangers to one another. We shared a deep confidence and trust – as between children and their parents.

I have never forgotten you, even though you have forgotten me and my name. Therefore I invite you to know my name once more. When you know my name, you are able to call upon me that we can have an open conversation with confidence and trust. I have inserted my name in the name of Jesus; his name is mine. But his name is also a human name so that we will not be strangers…

I give myself to you in the name of Jesus. The name is full of my presence. I am with you in the name. And if you call out, mentioning my name, you will experience that I am already there and go with you.

When you speak my name it is a statement og faith and bears witness to the fact that I have made you free and have brought you out of your forgetfulness. Now you remember who I am as well as who you yourself are. You are my child,

When you pray my name and take it into your heart, I will live in your heart, and your heart I beginning to be Jesus-shaped. In the depth of who you are, my image will be seen in growing clarity – in the way in which I revealed myself to you in Jesus Christ, my Son.

I call you by your name – by the name in which you recognizes yourself as being who you are. I call you by the name, which is conveys you with an assurance of being loved and appreciated. When I call you by your name, you sense my presence and my joy, seeing you as exactly you. But you also have a new name, which binds your name into mine. Your new name isn’t necessarily another name than what is presently your name, but it is your name bound into my name. This new name may be another name – unknown to other people than yourself, but known by me and the depth of your soul. This new name always carries the connotation of “daughter of God” or “son of God” or “born of the will of God”.

And your name is written in the book of life. 

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