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Short prayers / affirmations

Freed from illusions

By focusing on the light of Christ and the creative word of God

I rediscover my true self, created in God’s image

and break out of my captivity in my false conceptions,

created in the image of my desires.

Create your own affirmation or schussgebete

Affirmation or Schussgebete are short prayers that are easy to remember. You may pray them whenever and in all circumstances. The name Schussgebet comes from German, and means shooting, comparing prayer with the shooting of an arrow towards its target. Your exercise is to find a verse from the Bible,… Continue reading

A Christfulness Meditation

Cleansing of the heart Sit comfortably, with a straight back; it may be helpful to close your eyes during the meditation. Feel the ground under your feet; remain grounded, breathe calmly, focus on your heart. Jesus Christ, send your Spirit to guide us during this meditation. Imagine Jesus Christ standing… Continue reading