Meditations and prayers

Under meditations and prayers you’ll find different forms of

guided meditations as well as short prayers, often in the form of

affirmations; these short prayers may be used as a form of


The meditations are:

  1. A Christfulness meditation (cleansing of the heart)
  2. The crucifixion
  3. Short prayers (affirmations)

A Christfulness Meditation

Cleansing of the heart

Sit comfortably, with a straight back; it may be helpful to close your eyes during the meditation. Feel the ground under your feet; remain grounded, breathe calmly, focus on your heart.

Jesus Christ, send your Spirit to guide us during this meditation.

Imagine Jesus Christ standing in front of you … see His heart, which is wide open toward you … full of love, appreciation and peace …

Relax in his presence … Breathe calmly … rest in your breathing out and breathing in his presence …

Breathe out and let go of what troubles you, let go of old concepts or misconceptions of who you are, who God is or who other people are …

Breathing in, receive peace, joy and love from the open heart of Jesus Christ …

Every time you breathe out, your heart and mind is cleansed more and more … And every time you breathe in, Christ will live more fully in your heart and mind …

Let this process go on while we listen to some music … Music plays …

We are about to conclude our meditation; use your concluding breathing out to share the peace, joy and love of Christ with the world around you …

May the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus. (cf. Phil. 4:7)

This meditation may be changed into a prayer with people, e.g. at Body-Mind-Spirit Fairs

Short prayers (affirmations:)

Freed from illusions

By focusing on the light of Christ and the creative word of God

I rediscover my true self, created in God’s image

and break out of my captivity in my false conceptions,

created in the image of my desires.