Instruction in receiving the Holy Spirit (English)

Instruction in receiving the Holy Spirit.

If you want to receive the Holy Spirit, and to experience the working of the Spirit, the direct way is to get to know God through being taught Christian faith and praying for the infilling of the Spirit. If you are not already baptized, you after being taught may be baptized to become a part of the fellowship of Jesus’ disciples. The laying on of hands just after baptism with the water is a prayer for the Holy Spirit.

However, you may yourself pray for the gift of the Holy Spirit

Dear God. I’m longing after a new life which is indwelled by you. I long to live according to your will. I long for a new power and energy to serve other persons and my fellow creatures. Cleanse me from everything that will not prosper and thrive in concert with your sanctity that I know from the life of my Master Jesus.

[You may mention to God some of that of which you know that it harms your relationship with God, your neighbour and your own true nature].

God, I open my heart to you, to Jesus, and to your Holy Spirit. May your Holy Spirit be lavished upon me and fill me with your Spirit. I pray in the name of Jesus Christ. 

When other disciples of Jesus is present and assist you in prayer, they may lay their hands on your head and praying for you to receive the Spirit. When the first disciples prayed for people, they did it this way, and the Holy Spirit made his presence manifest.

The first Christians experiences powerful manifestations of the Holy Spirit following this kind of prayer. Many prayed in tongues, i.e. they received a kind of prayer language of sounds that the holy Spirit created in them, and even though you can’t understand the sounds or ”words”, they nevertheless are felt to be a communication with God. Other experienced to receive messages from God; you have an idea of what this means, if you read Listening to the voice of God above. But even if you don’t experience powerful manifestations you should be assured that your prayer is heard. The first fruit of the prayer for the Holy Spirit is an inner peace and comfort, and little by little you look upon yourself and the surrounding world with new eyes. But it may also happen that the Spirit manifests and then you shouldn’t repress what comes, but just let the strange sounds come over your lips as a prayer from the depth of your soul, a sighing or even groaning with God’s Spirit.

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