Christfulness retreats

Sometimes we are overloaded with work, feel stress and are about to burn out. Maybe it’s time to take a pause, to relax in the presence of the Lord, and to find oneself as a loved and appreciated child of God.

This spring we invite you to 3 one-day-retreat (day camps) and one 24-hour-retreat

Saturday 29th February 10am – 8:30pm

Theme: Created for Paradise. Even though we were created to have a trusting child-parent relationship with God and an open and serving relationship with creation, this Paradise is lost. May we find the garden of Eden as a restored Paradise?

Saturday 28th March 10am – 8:30pm

Theme: Re-orientation. To find our original nature as created in God’s image to grow into the likeness of Christ.

Weekend 11th 2pm– 12th April 2pm

This is an Easter retreat. We follow Jesus from his suffering on cross to his resurrection, and find our new life in him

Saturday 16th May 10am – 8:30pm

Theme: Waiting for the Spirit. The Holy Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit are essential to our understanding of being in Christ.

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