Christfulness in Hong Kong


In April 2017 i visited Tao Fong Shan Christian Center (TFSCC) to prepare a project to present CFN to the churches and the public in Hong Kong. September 1st my wife and I have started a period of ministry at TFSCC.[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

In the second week we together with Rev. Dr. Philze Lau, who is the Head of TFSCC’s Spirituality Division, were guiding a retreat with students or Higher Diploma of Spiritual Direction. About 30 persons participated, most of them being ministers and church workers.

The overall evaluation of the retreat: It was successful and well received. The peak experience was Wednesday afternoon: Philze summed up all of our themes up till that time, using also a story I had told from another retreat which he turned into action: He asked the students to greet each other and to look into the eyes of one another, saying, “I see Christ in you!”. They started to hug.

I’ve been ministering in a bridge-building project between spiritual seekers and new agers and Christians, before coming to Hong Kong. In a ministry meeting people of another faith than our own it’s especially important to look for and release the image of God in the other. We express this desire to see Christ in others in the discipleship prayer, which we pray daily, when possible at 5pm when many from the new spiritualties with a background in theosophy are praying for the healing of the world and of humanity, and especially for unity between people with good intentions:

God, you who are I AM,

I see the work of your Spirit

in the longing in people’s hearts for the peace of your kingdom

for the truth, beauty and goodness

I see the presence of your serving love

in people of good will and in all

who want to wander the path of discipleship.

May the power of your Spirit flow in us and lead us

to recognise all truth, and in practical service

May your Word made flesh, Jesus Christ, inspire us

to serving love as workers for the kingdom of God

May I find my place in your one work,

for the restoration of the Earth and the human race

– with a humble mind, in purity, truth, and love.

At the evaluation gathering we had among others this feedback:

  • We have never before in the course had the experience of being a fellowship. We even felt like going into town together after dinner.
  • We enjoyed the periods of silence (no talking), which helped a lot to reflect and digest the teaching and the experiences and to be in contact with oneself.
  • It was rewarding to combine prayer, meditation, and body movements.
  • Even though the liturgies were unusual to some of the participants, they were felt as a rewarding exercise. It was a new experience, but uplifting to have a concluding communion service
  • Several stressed what the teachings and practices had meant for a new perspective on their home situation or conflicts at work.


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