Christ with me

In our times many people outside traditional Christianity, or Churchianity, witness experiences of Christ’s presence – in dreams or in visions. Muslims are having these experiences. Spiritual seekers and body-mind-spirit-practitioners have such experiences. A month ago I for example met a therapist and dream interpreter who shared her dreams of Jesus with me.

The experience of Christ with me leads us into a relationship with God as the one Jesus calls “Abba”.  It leads to an experience of comfort, of being loved as a child of God, of being safe and secure. Jesus has promised to be with his disciples “always, to the very end of the age”. A prayer that expresses this is Saint Patrick’s Breastplate, which I have shortened into a Christfulness affirmation:

Christ before, Christ behind,

Christ to the right, Christ to the left,

Christ above, Christ below,

Christ around, Christ within!

Another practice is the healing of the heart that restores our innermost being in relation to God, to who I am, and to other people. When we pray with people for the healing of their heart in churches, at counseling and soul care, in our booth at Alternative Fairs, it often leads to an experience of Christfulness.


Fuller versions of  St. Patrick’s Breastplate