An Inspiration on Christfulness

Before all Being is I AM THAT I AM – full, whole, absolute being, perfect rest, and yet incessantly moving beyond myself, creating. I AM the one who loves and gives life.[expander_maker id=”1″ more=”Read more” less=”Read less”]

In the beginning was the void – a not-yet unfolded / dormant fullness of nothing, yet potently the whole universe. The void or emptiness was not severed from me; it was the space in which creation could happen, so that the fullness of life would find its expression and form as the Word spoke what was hidden in my Heart.

Your heart also has such a void or emptiness, which is not severed from me, but may be filled with the thoughts and images of my heart, and most of all with my image as expressed in the Word who became a man.

You were created in my image. Therefore you will find Christ, my Word, when you look into your heart. Here is bond?, unity, presence, and self-giving, non-judgmental love. Here you will find your Self, being loved and united with God and all God’s creatures. Out of the unity of your heart and mine you will find yourself as an I in relationship with a You. Out of the unity of your heart and mine you will find the joy of relationship with Me, my Word and my Spirit.

Out of the unity of your heart with all of my creatures you will find the enjoyment of life in all its plenitude, and you will find the strength to bear suffering and to reach out to those who suffer. Out of your unity with me and with your fellow creatures you will become a healer and a co-creator of the happiness of your neighbor.

To this end I will have to break the power of your Ego and the power of your false self-images, of your judging attitude toward others, and of your desirous relations toward the surrounding world. Be without fear as you meet the void and emptiness, when all of your self-perceptions, your imaginations, your judgments and your illusions are dissolved. The void is that space in your heart, where my image will be mirrored. The emptiness of your heart is the beginning of hope, because it is now possible to recognize Christ and my presence in Him, the Word who became Man. In Christ I become and I Am all in all.


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