The basic practice of Christfulness as an understanding of human nature is the healing of the heart resulting in the experience of resting in the heart knowing, I’m a child of God, loved and precious. You may read an instruction for praying with others for the healing of the heart on this page:

Pray for others for healing of the heart


Due to the Coronasituation etc. Christfulness retreats and programmes in Tao Fong Shan are cancelled in spring 2020. We hope to be back in the autumn. We will inform you here, in Facebook and on Tao Fong Shan’s websites. Concerning programmes in Denmark follow Areopagos’ website.


A one-day retreat in your congregation or fellowship?

Sometimes staff and volunteers in our communities are overloaded with work, feel stress and are about to burn out. Also church members may suffer from stress in their daily lives.

Maybe it’s time to take a pause, to relax in the presence of the Lord, and to find oneself as a loved and appreciated child of God.

Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre offers to guide a one-day retreat with members of your church or community. Read more

Towards fulness in Christ

New Book. Just released. Order here

Christfulness® is an expression of faith, but Christfulness is also an interpretation of life with roots in the Bible and Christian theology. In this combination of practice and teaching, Christfulness is also experience. Therefore, the author of Christfulness, Ole Skjerbæk Madsen, sometimes describes Christfulness as the practice that leads to the experience of us being in Christ and of Christ being in us: ”I want to describe a process that moves from an individual experience to a vision of the redemption of mankind and the healing of our planet – in a constant interaction between the individual and the relational, the personal and the universal.” For many years Ole Skjerbæk Madsen has been a Missions Pastor in Areopagos and the leader of In the Master’s Light, who wants to build bridges between the church and people who are curious about spirituality. After his retirement, Ole Skjerbæk Madsen served for 2 years as a Missions Pastor at Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre in Hong Kong.< Less