Introduction to Christfulness Prayer Video 1-6

Christ Temple, Tao Fong Shan, Shatin

Christ is full of grace to us in many ways: Christ with me, Christ in me, Christ in you, Together in Christ & Seeing all things in Christ. They are intertwined and complementary to each other.

Please try to practise your prayer at roughly the same time each day, as some meditators say: rather short, do not stop.

Instructor: Pastor Jonathan S.T. CHAN (Director of Spirituality Division of Tao Fong Shan Christian Centre)

This series is selected from Christfulness – An Introduction written by Pastor Ole Skjerbæk MADSEN of the Danish Lutheran Church.

You are also welcome to come to Tao Fong Shan  Christian Centre to experience the spirituality of Christfulness.

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基督充充滿滿的恩典有多方面:「基督與我同在」, 「基督在我裡面」, 「基督在你裡面」, 「一起在基督裡」, 「在基督裡看萬物」。彼此是互相緊扣的、相輔相成的。更歡迎你來道風山基督教叢林,進一步學習基督滿全靈修。
導師:陳誠東牧師(道風山基督教叢林 靈修部主任)
本系列內容選自丹麥信義會馬奧勒牧師(Pastor Ole Skjerbæk MADSEN)所著的《基督滿全——日常靈修操練指南》。


《基督滿全靈修》Christfulness EP1:       經歷基督的禱告 (馬太福音 6:9-13)       Experiencing Christ: The Lord’s Prayer (Mt 6:9-13) 
《基督滿全靈修》 Christfulness EP2 :       基督與我同在: 意識省察禱告  Christ With Me: Awareness of Christ in my daily life
《基督滿全靈修》Christfulness EP3 :       基督在我裡面: 耶穌禱文 Christ in Me: Jesus Prayer
《基督滿全靈修》Christfulness EP4 :       基督在你裡面: 最小的弟兄 (馬太福音25:34-40)         Christ in You: the least one (Mt 25:34-40)
《基督滿全靈修》Christfulness EP5 :        一起在基督裡: 聖餐 (哥林多前書11:23-26)        Together in Christ: The Holy Communion (1Cor 11:23-26)
《基督滿全靈修》Christfulness EP6 :       在基督裡看萬物: 神的創造 (創世記1:26-27)        Seeing all things in Christ: God’s Creation (Gen 1:26-27)


New music for St. Patrick’s prayer

The ancient Celtic prayer, St. Patrick’s breastplate, is a wonderful witness to how we may invoke Christ’s presence. We have used a shortened version as an affirmative prayer as one of the practices in relation to the Christ-with-me-aspect of Christfulness.

The composer and song writer Rolf Kobbeltvedt Mortensen has made a beautiful music to St. Patrick’s prayer; he has adapted the text a little but in a deep and congenial way.

Listen for yourself here

And read his thoughts of the text and the creation of the song:

St. Patrick’s Prayer – Christ, be with me 


What is Christfulness?

Christfulness is a life with Jesus Christ. He is God-with-us. Christfulness is the experience of God’s fullness (grace, love, righteousness, truth) as given to the Church in Christ. Christfulness is an invitation to share Christ’s relationship with God, our heavenly Father.

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