New music for St. Patrick’s prayer

The ancient Celtic prayer, St. Patrick’s breastplate, is a wonderful witness to how we may invoke Christ’s presence. We have used a shortened version as an affirmative prayer as one of the practices in relation to the Christ-with-me-aspect of Christfulness.

The composer and song writer Rolf Kobbeltvedt Mortensen has made a beautiful music to St. Patrick’s prayer; he has adapted the text a little but in a deep and congenial way.

Listen for yourself here

And read his thoughts of the text and the creation of the song: Christ be with me


What is Christfulness?

Christfulness is a life with Jesus Christ. He is God-with-us. Christfulness is the experience of God’s fullness (grace, love, righteousness, truth) as given to the Church in Christ. Christfulness is an invitation to share Christ’s relationship with God, our heavenly Father.

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